its almost like being in the middle of a real crisis. i mean bloodshed, life, etc. is better than simply being boring. limbo. unwanted. not needed.

why. because the crisis is the crisis. bills stop. survival starts. all you think about is how to survive. and then you do survive. or you do die.

limbo. boredom. things not working. bills still due. houses still to heat. these boring things. the mundacity of life. the things that become reality when you can't heat them. or start them. or feed them. start to hurt more than if you are worried you might step on a landmine.

but i have no idea what i am talking about.

at least i'm not sick in bed. but then again - see, if i was sick in bed i wouldn't be thinking about the boring. the lame. the not needed. i'd simply be focused on surviving.

which sometimes, is a lot more interesting than focusing on how to pay for the electric bill. or the new starter coil.