spark. spizz. spop.

my aunt georgia is on myspace under alaskan lady.

i'm freaking out now.

candy heats her eats with fingers that are divided into pudgy segments. with oval fingernails sculpted onto her fingertips.

carolyn accepted joes engagement proposition. where will you live? marin or the city?

maybe both.

he's older. by 20 years. so that makes him 70. what a life. i can't even imagine 40. its great how young i feel with marin folk. young. and stupid.

i've been thinking about stars. and selling cars. and once i get enough cars sold, i'll win a new car in the company contest. and then rowdy and i will drive to LA. and i'll have enough to survive. for a while. and then i'll get my quiet photo job. and we can be fancy on nights when we feel it. and beach on days when we reel it.