is my mobile mechanic.

mechanic visit, originally uploaded by hellodeer.

from romania.
that means he is better than AAA. and much cheaper.
as long as you are okay with going with him to tow things
and tune things
and as long as you are okay with buying him coffee, and maybe another pack.
he's all yours.
he makes things called "magic bubble wands" on the side.
with his lawyer friend allen.
has a dog named rosie. that he also calls gigi, chichi, girlie, cutie, and muffy.
50's. lived in marin since 80. moved to nyc in the 70's.
has round classes like georgeburns.
wears pants like woody allen.
collects photo equipment, and bikes, and racecars of course.
really, vas is my godsend.
he lets me pay when i want. he is almost like a father to me. in the godfather of cars sense. no. he is ginger's father. ginger is my car.
he just wants me to be safe. and happy. as he says.
he says things like "funny accent" "have a happy evening" and "fucking hell" a lot.
he quit dope 6 months ago. but not cigs.
american spirits. cuz he's a true blood californian.
told me about a couple of trails in ignacio. with creeks.
i spent about 5hours with this man today. learning and listening to the ins and outs of his life.
he is a dating a romanian nanny in tiburon. her name is ann. anna in romanian.
she's gotta be young. i didn't ask.
he has a patchwork quilt. covered in grease, doghair, and a guitar.
i wonder what he plays. i'm sure oldworldromanian stuff.
has friends across the county. knows ed who can get me new seats.
knows joe - the mercedes mechanic.
vas specializes in german autos.
invited me over to read the bmw book he has.
but its in german. "thats the book i use to fix your car."
"okay vas. whatever you say."
"i fix your car for you."
"yes. thank you. but remember - i am not rich. i can put you on my payroll essentially. when i get paid - you get paid."
"lets shake on it."
"thanks vas. people like you don't exist today."
"i know. the world is crazy. yes?"
"just a little off."
"i make your car safe."