my office is in a building that also houses a creative company who sources for disney. we call the other building inhabitants the "disney kids".
the disney kids are fun. they fly helicopters in the open lobby

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and once on break we found that they turned an empty hallway into a shooting range for nerf bullets. there is a target, and a gun setup. nerf means soft type bullets. like a nerf ball.
so the disney kids are primarily 1. male, 2. young, 3. single, 4. tech dorks, 5. loaded, 6. socially fucked because of number 4. seriously people. theses kids are glued to the computer screen.
either way - they are 1, 2, 3 and 5, so its a single woman's PARADISE.
over the past few months, our female office has been devising ways to infiltrate the disney kids office. we have had post-it wars, we have talked to them on break, and once, i ran into one of them at trivia night downtown on thursdays. but the main way i've infiltrated is this one time i saw one of them walking up the hill. i pulled over and offered him a ride. he was super cool and funny, and told me about the missing gnome that used to sit outside the office. so that was cool.
the point of my story: being in this office building setting is like being back in high school. you see all these cool people in the hallways on break - but never really talk to them? so over time you get to know their faces, and well, develop crushed on them, etc.
currently i've got 2 crushes going on. one with a tall guy, and one with a shorter guy - well he's probably just my height - but i consider that short in guy world. so the shorter one has more personality. you can tell by the way he dresses. also he hangs with the rougher crowd of tech nerds (ie the guy with the mowhawk, and the guy who smokes). the taller one looks very wholesome, and is proabably in a long term relationship. either way, its a crush. i'm pushing for the shorter one.
today on break, carolyn and i were out on the steps getting some sun. the shorter one was out in the hallway. i made eye contact, and then took a picture of one of the palm trees. kind of like a primal mating dance. i was saying to him "look i can be creative too." and he just stared. and then he went back to his office. a few moments later i caught him walking the hall again, watching us laugh and enjoy our break. so i snapped another picture (primal mating dance for creative types) and smiled.
can i just say this all makes my day? i mean, its something fun to look forward too. its a reason to dress smart.