chee kago

hot dog shops condiment piles
thick swede pancakes
breakfast sausage meet balls
big ticket items
carols smokey dancey oldtimey
no window bars
heavy on the bricks
liquor store bar
plaid shirt mustache mike
sing wilco opera
gutter roll national
airy trumpet shit
tummy tired a bit
curvy building oprah
campus fall walking

stuart starts his day with juice
sure that travel items not very green
of me
guilt but consume more

painful commercial
fast beer
lake! park space! RABBIT!
hazy emily with mosquito bites for breasts.
well maybe more like chicken cutlets
roman nose ponytail bopping boom
bears hat husky standing box
roommate rage
microwaved eggs
theatre thrift
frat grabs sponge at target. stuart anise laugh.
same brain theory.
lost in the ghetto
dabears explained duh beers
and i'm at my peak!