smoke a bowl, make out.

my roommates here compare salsa heat.
"oh yeah? try this one."
"well its not as hot as this one"
"oh i why didn't you tell me you wanted something lethal"
"i got this in honduras off a dead man holding a baby."
"this one is from under the 18th rock 5 miles away from a scorpion den on the 89th parallel of texas."

you can see where i'm going with this. who's got the biggest whoo haa.

okay so these roommates do that. makes me miss the days on 11th on West Hudson where my other roommates would compare acting gigs. living with actors was always a story! every day story after story. the most struggling off all the actors was hillary from canada. one on particular day she came home DEFEATED. "i was so excited about this ad where they needed a hip girl (she had the hip look at the time). and then i read through the audition and realized it was a herpes ad"

and i thought this type of stuff was saved for sitcoms. not really.

someday i will write up a list of roommates - start to finish. i wonder the quirks people would say about me? when i write that up, i'll include myself in there, and you can try to guess which one i am.

i'll do this tomorrow, because i have nothing to do tomorrow. aside from lay on my porch naked because all of my roommates are out of state, i will walk the dog, and write up a history of my roommates. or, roommates, a history thereof.