she said into the phone on her way home from chalet basque:

we had a good time together. no. i mean,

we had fun!

it was raining every day.
it was raining!

we smoked bowls together. we made fires!
we planned smoking bowls while we got burritos.

we got burritos, brought them home, smoked a bowl, and then ate the burrito.


we got home from work, looked at each other, jumped up and down, and said "lets get burritos and watch big lebowski.


and then we got burritos, set up the dvd player, and smoked a bowl.

we shared the dog.
we shared a DOG!

it was raining every day.

we listened to music. and drank wine.
we got high, ate burritos, and listed to music while talking about life.

we talked about life!
we got high, ate burritos, listened to music, drank wine and talked about life.

while petting the dog.