organic mondavi

i have money now. its no lie. there is no stress. there is money in my bank account? i don't understand it? life is better with money.
i can grocery shop. i can "throw things in the cart" and not flinch or go back through the store putting things away.
this sunday i put some wine in my cart. i thought i'd start with mondavi. did you know they are an organic vineyard?
you don't say.
well they are.
i taste some kind of cherrie. i don't know how to look for different tastes in wines. its of no fault but my own. i guess i should take a class.

on wine?

maybe so.

i really dig the singer "feist" right now. sure, she is cat power to the third power, but whatever. its cute for now, and we all smile and say "my moon my man" and mean it.

this guy on tv american idol no less, but i call it aol time warner tv, is wearing HEAVY eyeliner.

thats all i have for tonight. i'm going to go finish my bottle of wine.

and maybe float in the pool.