"floating like a fat girl while the sun went down" is my new favorite thing to say.

because that is how i've been closing my days. let my hair down, slither into the pool quietly after everyone else is gone. and float like a fat girl. while the sun goes down.

i like to listen to my breathing. and push around the water. look at the leaves at the bottom. pick at my toenailpolish.

i might pretend that i am high on e. and that i can feel every molecule of water on every cell of my epidermal layer.

i might pretend that i am on my honeymoon. and pose for pictures that my husband is taking of me from his lounge chair. i pose like that woman from the 80's with her hair slicked back and the diamonds in her ear lobes. diamonds.

the whole trip reflects like a diamond.

and then i go back to floating like a fat girl as the sun goes down. slowily watching the stars appear and sky go darker shade of blue.

this photo is from cobrasnake.