it seems like we were all raising each other.
when you are alone in new york, you look for someone to raise and someone to raise you. you have an older figure and a younger figure.
especially true for twenty somethings today.
when you leave new york; you leave those figures, and theres the test.

will you survive.

out there.

in the wilds of the west.

what will you make of yourself.

that is now the question the i know the answer to, but something i am now starting to try to figure out.

i was thinking today that we are all stories. meeting other stories. meeting other stories.

sometimes you like someone's story so much, that you sit down, and decide you want to spend a lot of time with this story. sounds fun. sound adventurous, sounds like something i would like to contribue to.

so you do.

and you contribute. and you contribute. and then you contribute.

then one day you've contibuted all you can.

and they are still silent. bored. boring.


oh. and i think we are all turning into computers.