she liked to push me.

songs for silverman is one of my favorite albums of 2005. well its merging into 2006 - so maybe i will like it better in oh six, but for right now, since i discovered it in oh five, i'm sticking with putting it in the top ten.

howard stern was on larry king tonight. he was talking about how fun it was to simply pick up his receiver on new years day and just give it a whole stream of consciousness about whateverness.

miles and miles and the sun's going down.

that is what is playing in the background as i pull a howard stern here on this computer.

my roommate is riding his motorcycle right now on tiburon blvd., to pick up a movie for us to watch. he found out that i had yet to see the wedding crashers, and thought he should be the young steed he is, and mount his bike and go and fetch the goods for the fair maiden.

we are also waiting for a woman in san raffie to call us back about a puppy we might be getting.

i'm just now finding out what it was all about.
we moved to teh west coast
away from everyone

i think i hear his bike. he doesn't care about blogs or emails or computers. he doesn't even know what a blog is.

one of those.

anyway. i'm going to go watch the wedding crashers. but first i'll give you my top five albums that i enjoyed during 2005.
1. wilco - a ghost is born
2. springsteen - nebraska
3. college dropout - kanye
4. outkast - speakerboxx
5. why does there have to be five? i'm stumped. forget five. i'm going with four.