last of the burritos

i registered for something today that i registered for one year ago.

to the date. she said as she marked my new number, and said it was two bigger than the old number.

i told her it was okay because it has been a year.

yes. to the date.

and then i drove back down the redwood highway. i was going to be a good girl and drive right on past the baja fresh, but then made the exit and ten minutes later was tearing apart a baja burrito at baja fresh. express. i had never been to baja fresh, and now i have. so now that i have crossed that one off the list, i really don't have any other burrito joints that i haven't tackled in the north bay.

restaurants i still have to try:
fish - the sausa
buckeye roadhouse
marin joes

thats about it.

my dog was so pushy today. pushing up against me. it was all i could do to grab him with a bear hug and just hold the poor thing. such a lover he is. so i held him for a while, and told him i loved him.

last night i watched the tao of steve. the fatist comment got my panties all bunched up. once again, once again. women can be fat, but men cant. please. give it a rest.