when you go to a place you love, you do things over and over again like its the last time you are going to do those things. imagine thinking you will never see a pumpkin pie again.
you would eat a slice, right?
so you do. and its not really the pumpkin pie you imagined, but you keep eating it because its the last time you will ever have pumpkin pie.
i was in, still am, new york this past week, and it really came down to me having to do one major thing, which lead to a couple of other things and then a couple of other things. same for people. one person lead to another person which lead to a group of people and then a couple of people and then one person and then a key.

i think i swallowed a piece of glass this evening after sneaking a couple of graham crackers with frosting because i knew i wouldn't have graham crackers nor frosting at my house in california. so before i left for this hip jet-blue terminal, i snuck a couple of frosted graham crackers, and then took a couple of swigs of purified water and then realized i had a cut lip and then realized that it was because of the glass, and that the missing shard might be on its way through my body.
i've had heartburn ever since.
fitting for the past week.

jetblue sure is a hip airline.