Taken by Nick! 

Taken by Nick! 

Anise Leann is a Bay Area photographer, spent her 20s working as a photo editor in NYC, and is now living her 30s in California as a Freelance Photographer. Aside from operating a vibrant freelancing business specializing in editorial, travel, and portraits, she stays busy scouting locations around the bay, and scheming up another reason to fly to New York for a long weekend.

She recently travelled to India, and is now planning a trip to Nepal.  Travel tips always welcome!

Anise earned a degree in art from SUNY Purchase, New York.

Clients / Published

Audi of America - stock,  JW Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Gilt City, Marin Water District, Marin Magazine, Law Finace Group, Three Birds Wine Cellar, Native Juice Co., Allstate Insurance Co., Headlands Art Institute, Tamalpais Crossfit, Sonnen VW, Audi Marin, Sonnen Porsche, Sarah Richardson Jewelry

5-star reviews for Anise LeAnn Photography: 

Arlenne from Greenbrea, CA:

Thank you so much for the pictures, they are BEAUTIFUL! We really love them. Thank you also for the birthday wishes, I'm so happy we decided to have these pictures taken, it was the best gift of all. I passed your website info on to my sister in law, who may contact you at some point. 
Thanks again and we'll definitely keep in touch in future as I'm sure we'll want more pics taken as Viviana grows up!!!
Enjoy the holiday season and stay warm,  Arlenne


Tiffany from Mill Valley, CA: 

Anise, You are awesome. I love these photos.  Thank you so much for making our kiddos so comfortable and picture taking fun:) Can't wait to work on the Xmas card ! 

Xoxo Tiffany and family 


Heather M. from Redwood City, CA:

Anise photographed our wedding a few weeks ago and the pictures she took were incredible! She has such an amazing eye for detail and she really captured the vibrant, joyous, celebratory feeling of all our favorite people coming together to celebrate our marriage. I feel so lucky to have had her as our photographer!


Grace Y. from San Rafael, CA:

In January 2015, I wanted to find a photographer who could do a newborn photoshoot for my family (3 1/2 year old and 1 month old).  Everyone out there had outrageous prices and wanted a LONG session with changing clothes or this and that.  I am a super low maintenance person (plus I JUST had a baby) so I wanted a short mini-shoot where we could catch my kids at their best behavior (a window of 20 min maybe!).  Anise was the PERFECT find.  She showed up at our house, took all the shots and Ta-Da!  Done in a half hour.   Other people also are super stingy about the number of photos you get, or they want you to order prints and then you have to pay a ridiculous amount to get the digital files.  For Anise, in one low price, she just gives you a bunch of her best shots - the digital originals, for you to share with your friends and family, and order your own prints!  

Anyhow, we loved Anise so much that we scheduled to do another mini-shoot a few days ago (October 2015) for our Christmas cards.  This time we wanted to be outdoors, so she suggested a place, brought all the props we needed, and took the time to check out a little 20 minute walk before we met so that she was ready to set us up when we arrived.  Great experience especially being outside, and in less than 3 days, she sent us the files!   I couldn't be happier!!!!!  

Thank you Anise!!!  We will definitely contact you again next year!!!

Kirstie from San Rafael, CA: 

She makes even my photo shy husband comfortable! The pictures she's taken over the years of our family are amazing!!!


Cori from Marin County: 

Anise has an amazing eye and spirit. The two meet in her viewfinder.


Ryan from Terra Linda: 

Anise has an incredible ability to capture candid moments which makes her photo's stand out from the normal posed mall studios.
She finds ways to show the emotion of the moment, even in her abstract work and puts everything she has into a shoot.
Love her work!


Nick from Petaluma, CA: 

Her energy is infectious. Which translates into some amazing photo shoots.


Jessie from Memphis, TN: 

can i tell you how nice it is to have a young, hip wedding photographer that immediately makes you feel comfortable on your wedding day?  it's pretty much awesome.  when i first met anise, we were about a half hour late because the GPS had given us completely wrong directions, couple that with city traffic and the fact that my hubby to be's actual "fart machine" had somehow magically become stuck in the "on" position somewhere in the back seat (i'm not kidding you, it was about 25 minutes of PFFFFFF and RIIIIIPPPPP in all different octaves) i was pretty much totally frazzled and ready to strangle my old man.  anise instantly made me feel at ease, and wasn't the least bit upset about the late arrival.  THAT is a true professional.

with regards to her personal photography style, i would say she's much more "photo journalistic" then traditional which i really loved, none of those staid and boring forced group photos, or cheesy ring pics, just photos that really try and capture who you are and how happy you are feeling, maybe little moments that would go unnoticed by most others but not by her.  i LOVED this and found the whole process really fun instead of awkward and posed-but then again i am a total ham.

i wouldn't hesitate to recommend anise from hellodeer for a second. her fees were reasonable, she was great to work with and we loved the final product.  we are now having a baby and can't wait to hire her again to capture the little rug rat on film.

i went ahead an uploaded a photo of me on the day, please feel free to contact me personally if you'd like to see more.
thank you anise, we will be looking at these photos for years to come!


HD from Alameda, CA: 

I needed a headshot for my professional website and Anise made me look really great. She's taken pictures for me before and I've always been elated with the final product. Anise works efficiently by first getting a clear picture of what I'm envisioning by asking for examples of what I want. She was on time, acted friendly but professional, and prepared to get the job done. It was amazing. It's fun to watch her work too because she knows exactly what she's doing, is very focused and made the whole experience fun and easy. Thank you!!!


Aaron S. from Mill Valley, CA

I'm continually amazed at how natural Anise's photographs come to her and capture my children's sincere expressions and emotions! Her car shots are pretty darn amazing too! She definitely enjoys what she does and it shows.